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Does morning sickness feel like motion sickness? A person with morning sickness often feels tired and nauseous, and they may vomit. Although rarely serious, it can be incredibly unpleasant. For many women, the symptoms of morning sickness are their first signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness affects around 80 percent of all pregnant females.
How do you stop bile reflux? But because many people experience both acid reflux and bile reflux, your symptoms may be eased by lifestyle changes: Stop smoking. Eat smaller meals. Stay upright after eating. Limit fatty foods. Avoid problem foods and beverages. Limit or avoid alcohol. Lose excess weight. Raise your bed.
Should I feed my baby again after spitting up? Gravity is on your side when it comes to reflux, and it can make a big difference in helping food stay down. Keep your baby in an upright position and as still as possible for at least 30 minutes following each feeding so that the food can travel out of the stomach and into the small intestine.
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